About your teacher

Private and small group lessons Dutch for Expats

Last summer it was a quarter of a century since I moved to the Netherlands. 

Long time ago? Yes, of course.


Not too long ago however as I still remember the things I came across as a foreigner while trying to learn Dutch.

Is 25 years enough to speak perfect Dutch? Maybe. 

I used to worry about my accent, trying to camouflage it. 

Until I realised that this might be one of my unique selling points:

  • know how it is to learn Dutch.
  • know how difficult it is to speak it when after your first Dutch sentence people switch to English. 
  • know how it feels when you keep people waiting in a line behind you because the person at the counter keeps asking you "what did you say?"

Because I recognise those pitfalls I can help you tackle them. 


I enjoy each lesson because I learn from my students from all over the world.

During our lessons they tell me about their countries, about international habits, and yes, they do it (partially) in Dutch.

And this allows me to travel around the world daily.


Last but not least, expats are my favorite students because all of them are highly educated professionals and I enjoy communicating on the same wavelength.